LE-AST Services

Wellness for Public Safety

LE-AST Services/Counseling offers a wide array of support services, training, and programs that aim to help improve the psychological well-being of individuals or organizations. Each of our interventions is designed specifically to fit the needs of our clients with the goal of teaching them to properly deal with various situations requiring psychological help.

We are highly qualified and experienced in the mental health profession so you can trust that we deliver a quick and precise intervention or response to your situation. LE-AST mental health services include administrative consulting, counseling, and training.

First responders give their all for the communities they service, and they need support from their departments.  Talk with us about why it's important to provide mental healthcare for your employees and how we can partner with you to serve them. 

Working in public safety can take its toll on you and your relationships.  At LE-AST, you'll find therapists who understand the unique stressors you face and how your work affects those around you.  Find a therapist that best fits your needs.