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LE-AST Services/Counseling offers a wide array of support services, training, and programs that aim to help improve the psychological well-being of individuals or organizations. Each of our interventions is designed specifically to fit the needs of our clients with the goal of teaching them to properly deal with various situations requiring psychological help.

We are highly qualified and experienced in the mental health profession so you can trust that we deliver a quick and precise intervention or response to your situation. LE-AST mental health services include administrative consulting, counseling, and training.

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Deputy Chief Mark Bruley of Brooklyn Park Police:

Our Department began utilizing the services offered by Steve Wickelgren several years ago, and we encourage our employees to seek him out for any counseling needs, whether they are job-related or personal issues. The identities of those that meet confidentially with Steve are never revealed to the Department’s Administration, and we strongly believe that enables all employees to meet freely with Steve and maintain their personal privacy. Steve’s presence within our Department has become a way of life for us, and we believe that the experience and dedication he brings to the table has helped us to create a successful partnership with Le-AST Services and a healthy environment for our employees.

Deputy Chief Mark Bruley - Brooklyn Park Police

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