Mental Illness - Is Medication the Answer?

Post date: Oct 26, 2012 3:58:31 PM

Medication -- that is the usual answer when the topic is about treating a mentally ill person. This appears true to some cases but sadly, this alone can not cure the illness.

Medication is undeniably considered a major treatment for any illness, mental health cases included. But medicines like anything else always come with a consequence. That is why healing naturally is still preferred over medication. In fact, most doctors use a simple principle in prescribing medications, that is – give medicines if the desired effect outweighs the adverse reactions.

In mental health, admitting that you are mentally ill is a big challenge and that alone can greatly affect the process of taking medications. This may lead to unwanted events such as forcing a diagnosed person to take medication. Then there are cases of not being able to control and monitor the medication process leading to missed doses and even stoppage of taking the medicine. Taking, stopping and starting a medication again is not a good pattern. It is a mortal sin in the principles of medication administration. It is much better not to take the medication at all than having this pattern.

To complete the treatment plan for a mentally ill individual, the following must be present:

    • Safe Environment – Since uncontrolled anxiety is the major cause of the illness, a stress-free environment is highly recommended. The environment must also be free from anything that may cause the patients further harm. Dangerous, pointed or sharp objects and edges must kept away from the vicinity.
    • Therapeutic Communication – As simple as being able to express oneself is very effective and helpful for patients suffering from mental health problems. Communication is as important as medication. It can help in restoring a person’s self esteem and morale. The health care team that manages a mental case must master the art of therapeutic communication. Listening and talking to patients therapeutically can help in the analysis of their thoughts and direct their bizarre thoughts to match reality.
    • Community/Support Group – Making them feel normal creates a big impact to the lives of mentally ill individuals. They are suffering from the community’s rejection, so giving them the feeling of belongingness is definitely a big factor that could help in their recovery.

In addition to specific treatment plans for every mental health case, these treatment modalities presented are important in ensuring that a patient receives a holistic approach to their treatment plan. Curing mental illness needs more than just medications. It is about having an integrated and solid plan of actions to ensure a fast recovery.